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I sent him a lot of sign that I like him but he have never tried to hold hand or verbally expressed he wants to move this friendship to relationship. My family wishes they didn’t adopt me and my mom told me I mean nothing to her.

I wonder if I should directly tell him that I want to move the relationship forward. I literally only have one friend and he’s out of state. I feel so depressed and hopeless..every night I think about nit waking up in the morning and how all my pain and constant thoughts will come to a halt. Well I’m 20 years old and the point of this post is to get other people insight on my situation.

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I mean, I always get hit up, which I assume means I make a good first impression - before I bore the soul out of them...

:/ Some context: After I asked a guy why'd he approved of us hanging out, etc, etc, when there was this other girl who was literally trying so hard to catch his attention, she would pop in front of him all the time at school, yet he was appaled by her.

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so me [17F] decided to tell the guy i've liked for a few weeks [18M] that i like him, not expecting anything. i ask him if he's seeing anyone and he tells me he just had some unrequited love for this one girl.

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