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The health department houses a women’s health clinic, community health office, and clinical health office.

Planned Parenthood A health care provider, educational resource, and advocate for sexual and reproductive health.

More importantly, what works may not be appropriate later on as lifestyles and relationships change.

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Services provided include annual female examinations, Pap smears, birth control, pregnancy testing, and screening and treatment of sexually transmitted infections.

Knox County Health Department Seeks to encourage, promote, and assure the development of an active, healthy community through innovative public health practices.

Oh, and by experts, we mean anyone from former box-office workers and lifeguards to high school kids -- you know that people who typically can't have sex at their own home are among the best sources for this subject. According to a dude who worked in a small-town movie theater, this could potentially give you away.

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Deciding which method to use can be a confusing process.

Make an appointment with the Women’s Clinic at the Student Health Center or ask a medical professional of your choice.

The center is available for walk-in intake; crisis intervention; individual, couples and group counseling and psychotherapy; and psychoeducational workshops and consultation.

Pride Center Works to provide a safe and welcoming environment for UT’s diverse lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning, intersex, and ally communities.

You can pretty much count on two things when it comes to sex in public places: anyone who says they’ve never thought about it is lying, and anyone who says they do it all the time and have never been caught is lying.

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