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The film opens on Adrian, an average-guy contractor hoping to make a fortune off of salvaging alien-weaponry shrapnel found amid the rubble from the Battle of New York in the first “Avengers” movie.He plans to sell the pieces off for scientific development, a job that could set his family and workers up for life— until federal agents seize the site.

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He constantly begs Tony Stark, aka Iron makes the news battling a team of burglars using Adrian’s souped-up weaponry to rob ATMs, he suddenly draws both Tony’s and Adrian’s attention.

At the same time, he has to contend with the fact his funny ultra-nerd friend Ned (Jacob Batalon, in a breakout role) has discovered he’s and figure out how to woo Liz (Laura Harrier), the beautiful senior girl of his dreams, amid homecoming season.

I’d like to be a director who gives my actors complete freedom will collaborating with them to find performances,” he explained.

Holland and Zendaya will both return for the “Spider-Man: Homecoming” sequel in 2019.

With a small stash of the shrapnel hidden from the feds, Adrian vows to fight back by making money ruthlessly off what he has left.

Jumping to eight years later, he and his henchmen have developed a slew of nasty laser-based weapons they commit robberies with and sell on the black market.

The actor said that he also wants to pursue a career in directing.

Zendaya praised Holland for his creativity and said that he really has the mind of a director.“It’s cool you want to be a director.

That combination should make this a great date night flick by adding a human appeal that both men and women can enjoy, plus Michael Keaton makes one of the most entertaining villains in superhero movies yet.

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