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Peters- burg protests against Beilis case, II 166 Barano Y, Russian Senator, dis- patched to White Russia, I 406 *' Bare-Footed Brigade," the, nickname for tramps, II 253 active in pogroms, 253, 256 Bartnit, city in Crimea, I 26 Bamcli, see Boruch INDEX 217 Baslii-Biiziilcs, Turkish irregular troopa, II 253 pogrom makers compared with, II 253, 289 Basil, the Macedonian, emperor of Byzantium, persecutes Jews, I 23 Basil, Christian martyr, I 17 Basil, grand duke of Moscow, I 242 , Basle, Council of, adopts canoni- cal laws against Jews, I 63 Zionist Congresses at, III 44 f, 84 f, 144 "Program," III 44; modified by Ahad Ha'am, 50 Basnrman, Russian name for non-Orthodox, I 35 Batory, Stephen, king of Poland (1576-1586), forbids charge of ritual murder and dese- cration, I 89, 96 ratifies and amplifies Jewish privileges, I 89 defends Jews of Posen, I 90 patronizes Jesuites, 1 90 f grants license to Jewish printer, I 131 attended by Jewish body-phy- sician, I 132 recaptures city of Polotzk, I 243 Bavaria, Wagenseil, anti-Jewish writer, native of, I 138 Max Lilienthal, native of, II 52 Beaconsfleld, Earl of, champions equal rights for Jews, II 202 hostile to Russia, II 288 Beards, shaving of (and of ear- locks), recommended by Po- lish reformers, I 282, and by Kalmansohn, I 385 "bearded regiment" in War- saw, II 106; see Earlocks Beilis, Mendel, accused of ritual murder.

III 82, 164 ff nickname for Jews in Poland, III 167 Bekri, A1-, Arabic writer, quoted, I 21 Belza, Polish judge, arranges libel against Jews, I 101 Belzhytz (Province of Lublin), Jacob of, author of polemical treatise in Polish, I 136 Bench, the Russian, Jews ex- cluded from, II 352 f.

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III 26 receives memorandum from Brafman, II 187 approves of popular represen- tation, II 245 grants liberties to Zemstvos, II 386 assassinated, II 243, 279 210 THE JEWS IN RUSSIA AND POLAND influence of, on succeeding reign, II 349 laws in favor of Jews enacted by, repealed by successor, II 399 Jewish policy of, declared in- effective, II 271, 309 era of, depicted by Mendele Mokher Sforim, III 61 Alexander UI., emporor of Russia (1881-1894), II 243- 429 prejudiced against Jews while yet crown prince, II 202, 203, 244 influenced by Pobyedonostzev, II 245 holds conferences to decide policy of state, II 244 promises to maintain autoc- racy, II 246 receives Jewish deputation, II 260 f endorses Ignatyev's anti-Jew- ish policy, II 272 appoints Gubernatorial Com- missions, II 272 regrets necessity of suppress- ing pogroms, II 284 disregards Jews in coronation manifesto, II 338 bent on limiting admission of Jews to schools, II 339 f , 349 closes Jewish school of handi- crafts, II 347 supports anti-Jewish minority of Pahlen Commission, II 370 affected by ''miraculous" es- cape in railroad accident, II 378 condemns Jews for Crucifixion, II 379 reads and supports anti- Semitic papers, II 380 disregards Solovyov's appeal in favor of Jews, II 390 appealed to by Mayor of Lon- don in favor of Jews, II 390 angered by London appeal, II 393 United States Congress decides to appeal to, II 395 endorses emigration of Jewish proletariat, II 414 favors liquor state monopoly as anti-Jewish measure.

III 22 refuses petition of Jewish sol- diers to remain in Moscow, U 404 expels heads of Moscow Jewish community, II 424 threatens to sell at auction Moscow synagogue, II 424« III 12 causes expulsion of Jews from Yalta, II 429, III 18 death of, II 429 Jewish sect promises to name children after, II 334 INDEX 211 Alezandriai Egypt, emigration from, to South Russia, I 16 Alexandra (government of Kher- son), pogrom at.

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by Polish rabbi, I 200 Amsterdam, emissary of Sab- batai Zevi active in, I 204 Jews of, petition Peter the Great, I 246 Ananyev (government of Kher- son), pogrom at, II 251 Anapa, see Gorgippia Andreas, of Brixen, alleged vic- tim of ritual murder, I 179 Andruso TO, Treaty of (1667), provides for cession of Po- lish territory to Russia, 812 THE JEWS IN RUSSIA AND POLAND I 159 ; and release of prison- ers, I 246 Anna (or Anne), Russian em- press, permits retail trade to Jews, I 251 expels Jews from Little Russia, I 254 attended by Jewish body-phy- sician, I 258 Anti-Semitism, in Poland, I 281f, II94ff, III 166 ff German A., referred to by Russian dignitaries, II 309 contrasted with Russian, III 6f in Russia, condemned by Rus- sian writers.

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