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Revenue and Profit from the Last 12 Months Here's another niche e Commerce store that is making money with dropshipping and was recently sold on Flippa for more than k.

Like any good niche site, they're focused on a very closely related group of products and have turned it into a home based online business.

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Every website listing on Flippa has tons of information about how the site makes money, where it gets traffic from and how the overall business idea works.

It’s a goldmine for finding new and profitable niches for your side hustle or online business plan.

Revenue and Profit from the Last 12 Months Now here's a unique niche site and clever home based business opportunity Instead of dropshipping or using Amazon Associates, Join The Story Box follows a subscription-based model and makes money by delivering children's storybooks to clients every month.

) Not the prettiest of niche sites but still gets the job done.

Send Cat Facts is a single page website that allows users to send funny cat related facts as anonymous SMS messages to their friends. ) I am a LEGO enthusiast since childhood so I can understand why this site is so successful.

It covers news related to any LEGO sets that are being retired by the company.

It's a pretty niche topic but it's still making good money.

Revenue and Profit from the Last 12 Months Here's a wonderful example of how you can use any of your existing skills to create a successful niche site.

Revenue and Profit from the Last 12 Months Vapors and e-cigarettes is one of the fastest growing industries in several countries which is why if you can create a niche site for this product line with high-quality content, you're bound to make money.

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