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A second sentence appears: But sometimes, marriage is a SCAM to jump the immigration line. Both sentences fade out and the following sentence fades in: Victims are left ABANDONED. A woman begins to speak as her silhouette appears on screen.

She is shown from the shoulders and up, in minimal lighting, to ensure anonymity.

Her face is in the shadows, the lighting highlights only her right shoulder.

I tried to recover everything, but sometimes, yeah, it hurts. She continues speaking in French and the following English subtitles appear on screen: UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN 2: My self-esteem took a big blow.

I became severely depressed and had suicidal thoughts... The lighting remains the same: UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN 1: I had to be medicated and be off work.

When the text fades off screen, David Manicom continues to speak: DAVID MANICOM: So if the person you sponsor uses social assistance during that period, you’ll be responsible for that and will have to repay that debt.

The following text fades onto the screen during his explanation: If the person you sponsor uses social assistance, YOU will have to repay that debt.

While many Canadians marry people from other countries, sometimes marriage is a scam to jump the immigration line.

Learn about the consequences of marriage fraud and hear the stories of victims in this 5-minute video. Video length: minutes The video begins with the following text written in white and fading onto the black screen: Many Canadians marry people from other countries.Even if you get to Canada and it’s detected afterwards that it was a fraudulent marriage, you’ll be subject to a deportation. Halfway through his sentence, the image changes to a close-up of his silhouette shot from the shoulders and up.The following text gradually fades in during the above explanation: You can be forbidden to enter Canada for five years. The lighting slightly highlights his turban and shoulders as he speaks: UNIDENTIFIED MAN: They make us believe, like, they love us so much, so we only get to know when it happens, like when they leave us.Her silhouette is lit in the same fashion; only her right shoulder is captured by light as she proceeds with her story: UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN 1: I felt that he had now accomplished what he set out to do. The following text fades onto the black screen during his explanation: Sponsors are financially responsible for THREE YEARS.The text is written in white and the words “three years” are capitalized and written in red.Cut to David Manicom appearing on the right side of the screen. As he speaks, the following text credits appear on screen: DAVID MANICOM Assistant Deputy Minister Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada His name is in red print and capitalized, the rest is in white print. His silhouette is lit the same way as previously and he continues his story as follows: UNIDENTIFIED MAN: After marriage, everything changed, and after she arrived in Canada, I was nothing to her. She nervously scratches her fingers as she speaks: UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN 1: When he left on the 24th of March in 2007, it all came crashing down. He was with his friends, and I realized then that this was all false. The lighting is the same as in his previous appearances on screen as he continues his interview: UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN 2: After she left me, I filed a police complaint and police informed me after three days, like, she’s good in health and she’s found and...

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