Gemma fitzgerald dating in the dark

And if you think you have a story that might interest us, please do submit it!

Here are the details: CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS for *** Beyond the Stars: Unimagined Realms *** Accepting submissions for new, previously unpublished short stories for the August, 2018 release of the sixth volume in the acclaimed “Beyond the Stars” space opera anthology series. Any story that doesn’t take place exclusively on Earth qualifies.

Sam Milby was also part of the Saturday shows, but had stopped appearing mid-season.

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We have a glorious cover illustration created by multiple Hugo Award winner Julie Dillon.

Here are the earlier volumes in the series, in case you haven’t picked them up: BEYOND THE STARS: New Worlds, New Suns BEYOND THE STARS: At Galaxy’s Edge BEYOND THE STARS: A Planet Too Far DARK BEYOND THE STARS… Sign up here to find out about new releases and special offers before anyone else.

Please send submissions to Patrice Fitzgerald at this dedicated address: Beyond The Stars [email protected] selected, authors agree also to supply short descriptions of their story, representative photographs of their faces, and answers to a brief Q&A segment.

Authors accepted will be expected to help by promoting the series to the best of their abilities on social media and via personal newsletters.

It’s now available at the debut price of only $2.99 for a limited time.

The most recent volume features authors David Adams, Michael Anderle, S. Blooding, David Bruns, Ann Christy, Michael Ezell, G. Jennsen, Joseph Robert Lewis, Samuel Peralta, Susan Kaye Quinn, Jeff Seymour, Christopher J. As the Series Editor, I made the selections, and the editing was done by the excellent Ellen Campbell.For reference, see our most recent release, Best of BEYOND THE STARS: Amazon Nook https:// Kobo https://com/us/en/ebook/best-of-beyond-the-stars Apple i Tunes Google Play TDw AAQBAJ Preface your story with the title, your name, your email address, and the word length.All of this makes your story easier to read and edit, and then quickly format for publication.Points for you if you comply with this and make the story evaluators happy.The other finalists of the competition were Panky Trinidad of Cebu, Irish Fullerton of the United States of America and Chad Peralta of Australia.

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