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Improved video quality (1080p), better Wi-Fi support, and a trimmed-down design that doesn’t feel like you’re installing a plastic brick on the front of your house definitely show how much Ring has improved its product from the previous version.

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This is the video doorbell I use at home and the one I recommend to all my family and friends.

The Ring Pro 1080p tackles most of our complaints about its predecessor, the Ring 720p.

It allows for only 160 degrees FOV instead of 180 degrees like Ring 720p.

For me, better picture quality and customizable motion detection outweigh this small step back in FOV, but it’s something to keep in mind.

That being said, August feels like an “almost but not quite” product to me.

As of now, the August Doorbell Cam does not offer night vision and only recently added motion detection.

Second, August offers its own smart device ecosystem with smart locks and other products that can link with your August doorbell.

I really like the smart lock function coupled with the doorbell so you can open the door for guests as they arrive without having to leave the couch.

Ring 720p works great for apartments, guest houses, or anywhere else where it may be difficult to hardwire a doorbell.

Sky Bell stands out because of its ability to integrate with equipment, which powers many of our top 10 home security systems, so you can easily add it to a large security ecosystem.

This means if you don’t have an existing doorbell or you can’t hardwire it for whatever reason, you can still add security with a doorbell cam by using the Ring 720p.

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