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Hell, I even dated a lady, who is a translator of one of the local agencies in Kyiv. Anthony, any site that charges you a fee to contact a woman is a complete scam site.

I am a member of Dream Marriage and just started talking to a very nice lady. I won't run away calling it a scam, but my time I am not working is precious and few and I don't want to waste it. It's no different than meeting a woman in a bar.

I would really like to know if this is all just smoke and mirrors? However, on DM there are many women that are just there to write letters for money. If the woman you are communicating with is on the website 24/7 then she is most likely a waste of time. If they keep insisting on chat, get rid of them, because you are wasting your money. I posted a very negative review up here about DM and it was removed within hours. Because of the nature of my work, I can move around and work anywhere in the world, as long as I have internet. Did not take long to figure out this scam, just sorry men are so blind or stupid, as to not see this right in front of them.

With the job I do, I can move around and work from anywhere in the world, as long as I have internet, so I moved to Ukraine.

I dug deep into this, searching out local ads and agencies.

Attention to everyone , keep away from using this dating site all the members are fake and fraudsters and even the admin of the site they are making business looting members and they don't let them to use their service I had many issues with them please be ware .

Hmm I met women from all over the USA and the world and guess what they are real people. Anyways I have many friends I have met from this site and I have never met any girl who was a scam. Something hard to find these days in different parts of the world. Nearly every one of these fake sites you will find Anna Belkina - as she claims her name is. The women even like your profile to express interest!

How many woman have you dated and spent 100$-1000$ of dollars and didnt marry? Always consider the source in anything, I am from Northwest Pennsylvania so I can say Lake Erie water is delicious and taste like Aquafina right of the lake... Go take a dip off the shores of a Presque Isle and find out. Are still me people jerks yes from anywhere and the site has anti scam policy so if something is wrong contact customer service. They are all so beautiful and nice with great family values. Go to a legitimate dating site and she's nowhere to be found. They are attractive and willing to adapt even to religion I think!

How many times have you been given a fake phone number in a bar from a woman? If you join the site let your own personal experience be your judge.

Its an amazing site if you want to meet someone who is dignified, honest and caring. She has no interest in a husband from another country, she needs to survive. that replied to you is also getting paid, remember that!

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