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ALABAMA: Teacher's certificate may be revoked for immoral conduct, or unbecoming or indecent behavior.

Moreover, teachers should review their contracts, collective bargaining agreement, and/or employee handbook for specific provisions that may have been included in an agreement.

The information below summarizes the grounds on which a state may revoke or suspend a teaching certificate or on which a district may dismiss or suspend a teacher.

Each state provides laws governing education agencies, hiring and termination of teachers, tenure of teachers, and similar laws.

Teachers should consult with statutes and education regulations in their respective states, as well as the education agencies that enforce these rules, for additional information regarding teachers' rights.

ILLINOIS: Teacher's certificate may be revoked or suspended for immorality, health condition detrimental to students, incompetence, unprofessional conduct, neglect of duty, willful failure to report child abuse, conviction of certain sex or narcotics offenses, or other just cause. INDIANA: Teacher's certificate may be revoked for immorality, misconduct in office, incompetence, willful neglect of duty, or improper cancellation of a contract.

Permanent and semi-permanent teachers may be dismissed on similar grounds.

MICHIGAN: Teacher's certificate may be revoked or suspended for conviction of sex offenses and crimes involving children.

Teachers may be dismissed for reasonable and just causes or failure to comply with school law.

IDAHO: Teacher's certificate may be revoked for gross neglect of duty, incompetence, breach of contract, making a false statement on application for certificate, conviction of a crime involving moral turpitude or drugs or a felony offense involving children.

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