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It is an ancient city with a fair amount of history.

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It makes a good day trip from Khujand, and can also be visited on the way to or from Dushanbe, Iskander Kul, or Penjikent.

The Kuk Gumbaz Mosque and Madrassah is Tajikistan’s only example of Timurid (Samarkand-style) architecture.

This square, the historical complex, and the bazaar are great places for people watching and independent time.

Photo credit: Jake Smith" width="800" height="861" srcset=",," sizes="(max-width: 800px) 100vw, 800px" /Istaravshan is a small town to the southwest of Khujand that is home to the country’s only Timurid architecture.

It is certainly easy to explore on foot, far more so than other Central Asian capitals. Iskanderkul is a beautiful alpine lake located in the Fan Mountains due north of Dushanbe.

The access road off the main highway is rough and takes over an hour each way.As such, there are few historical monuments present.That said, the parks, tree-lined Rudaki Avenue, and interesting modern and Soviet architecture make it an engaging place to spend a night or two.Flights in and out are limited, and border crossings and the drives they entail are often arduous.In general, comfort can be difficult to find outside of a few hotels in the capital, but that same lack of infrastructure and the absence of any significant tourism means that authentic adventure and genuine cultural exchange are easy to find (in fact, difficult to avoid).The monument is located in a very traditional neighborhood of winding alleys and mud brick walls, which is atmospheric to walk through.

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