Dating really tall men

Not to mention, their hugs are always the best because they wrap you up and smother you like you used to get hugged when you were a child. If you can relate to any of these 10 things, consider yourself lucky.As much as we may joke about the “struggles” or funny things we have to deal with, I wouldn’t change our height difference for the world, and I certainly wouldn't change my boyfriend for the world, either.Helping fix their hair, adjust their shirt collar or tie, or even smudging a piece of food or dirt off their face to help them out isn’t as easy as just reaching over, especially when standing.

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Short girls, rejoice – no more climbing counters or getting step ladders out to reach things!

Although we all like to be independent women, I can’t deny I love not having to go to extra lengths to reach things when my boyfriend is around.

Even though sometimes it feels as though I’m constantly needing my boyfriend’s help with things and I’m not able to return the favors, we always find a way to help each other out no matter the circumstances.

Dating a taller guy can make you feel like the safest person in the world sometimes.

Look at couples in the street – usually the man is taller than the woman.

Then look at some of the posts on our Advice site – it seems like all women are looking for a taller man.Growing up with my father being quite a bit taller than me, I believe it gave me an instinctual feeling of safeness when around someone tall.Being that my boyfriend happens to usually be the tallest person in the room, I take comfort in knowing that he could intimidate anyone wanting to start trouble.Instead, it seems that women use a man’s height to work decide how attracted they are to them. If you look at the couples around you, you find that most men are taller than their women. Because the top of our head is easy access to them, you’ll find them doing it all the time because it’s the easiest (and quickest) way to reach us.

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