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At the performance Hamlet watches closely as Claudius is provoked into interrupting the play and storming out, resolving to send the prince away to England.

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The servants and courtiers whisper that surely, Ophelia . The horrible mixture of almost Elizabethan, overblown flowery language with 21st century "OMG, he's so cute I think I'm gonna die!!! " is so jarring that OMG, I think I'm gonna gag!!!! This is, of course, leaving aside that fact that a with most modern authors who try to write 17th century English, the author gets it wrong.

Arguing that a sentence like "You have thy banana" (not an actual sentence from the book, bu This book might have been interesting if I could have gotten past the writing.

What if Ophelia and Hamlet lived happily ever after? It's very interesting seeing the major events of the play through Ophelia's eyes. This play's been out for hundred's of years, it's not like this story's anything new.

And the fact that the reader knows that Hamlet and Ophelia are conspiring together makes for an entertaining twist on some of those famous scenes. There is a few spoilers for the novel itself, but honestly, this book isn't really worth your time, so don't bother shielding your eyes.

I'm not averse to people adapting very good literature like Hamlet and putting a fun twist on the story. What if Polonius wasn't really Ophelia's father but the grave digger was? What if Ophelia had access to a plant that, mixed with certain other ingredients, makes a person who ingests it appear to be dead?

What if Laertes is only acting when he and the king plot to kill Hamlet?

In the court, after envoys are sent to Norway, the prince is dissuaded from returning to university.

Hamlet still mourns his father’s death and hearing of the ghost from Horatio he determines to see it for himself.

It feels like the author couldn't take the tragedy that was the original, and went out of her way to write a version in which no one died except the king who deserved to.

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