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On the other hand, my smart phone could have easily taken over my entire life.

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To get the full step-by-step process read this quick guide at this point, but Goodreads differs from other social networks because books are at the center of the social interactions.

Conversation on Goodreads is composed of book reviews, book progress updates, book lists and book groups, reading challenges, book shelf comparisons, and other more obscure social tools Let’s be real. But you don’t want a work colleague’s enthusiasm for bareback werewolf erotica to clutter your news feed. Answer: Create a Top Friends filter for your news feed!

I would argue that even Goodreads’ organization platform is intrinsically social in nature because of its public nature.

Your bookshelf on Goodreads is not like the bookshelf in your bedroom. This is similar to Facebook’s Pages and Facebook’s ‘About Me’.

Plus, when I am at a book store, I always check Goodreads to see whether the book in question is worth my time.

Because nothing lets a bookworm down more than wasting time with a poorly written book. If you all you can recall is the year than you can just select the correct year information and it’ll still save.

Similar to Facebook, G , and Linked In, these are short messages you write to your friends.

But unlike these competitors, Goodreads has unique book-progress status updates! To subscribe to the conversation check the email me when people reply option. In a vein similar to Ok Cupid, Goodreads creates a book-compatibility score with friends and strangers.

To add books that are not in your bookshelves click ‘add books from search’, type in a title/ISBN/author, and then click ‘vote for this book’.

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