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He was a tutor and supporter of Scoil Samhraidh Willie Clancy for many years.This document sets out the families of the English earldoms which were created during the period between the Norman conquest and 1122, in approximate chronological order of their first creation.The complexity of this task implies the rapid implementation of a sophisticated bureaucracy.

Since its foundation in 1968 Na Píobairí Uilleann has been promoting the study and practice of this versatile instrument.

There are now uilleann pipers worldwide and the distinctive sound of the uilleann pipes is intrinsically part of Irish cultural identity.

Oineach Mhuiris Uí Rócháin is a Family Scholarship named in honour of one of the principal co-founders and long time director of Scoil Samhraidh Willie Clancy.

Details about the 2018 scholarship and other scholarships can be seen here.

It is not known whether the piecemeal attribution of land was a conscious policy on the part of the monarch to reduce the risk of local power-bases emerging which could challenge his central royal authority.

Whether or not the intention, it was certainly the result as the English earls were never able to concentrate their power in centralised counties in the same way as, for example, their French or German counterparts.The grants were personal from the king and were therefore also revocable at the king's will.There are numerous examples of changes in local control which followed forfeiture imposed as punishment for various transgressions.Another result of the decentralised nature of land grants was the slow emergence of territorial epithets attached to titles.The more powerful grantees of land held the title earl [comes].The process therefore also enabled the grantees to reward their own retainers with sub-grants of land, which led to a second wave of Norman immigrants who had not taken part in the conquest but who were subsequently rewarded for their loyalty during the absence of their masters at war in England.

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