Dating confessions

I have no problem with the claim that everyone is beautiful (because I believe that to be true, whether it's more to do with personality, body, etc).

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Funny thing is when life was better, we always helped others but now we're treated like pieces of shit just because we're financially struggling. Suicide IS absolutely a decision anyone has the right to make. I don't wanna risk the fun times I'm having with her right now.

Human life isn't sustainable in a "Vegan" diet. But I don't wanna risk losing her to a shady guy she's never even met before. As a closeted bisexual girl, I just came to the conclusion that, yes, I am awful at talking with another girl.

I hate myself I wish I was dead I hate the guy who did this to her I hate the 911 operator for treating me like an over protective mom and telling me she wasn't a priority.

As the title says, I’m breaking up with him tomorrow. I knew that he didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life and that he didn’t want to live here forever, but on Saturday the marriage and kids part came up. It’s something that I have wanted for as long as I can remember.

He does sweet little things just to show me that he has been thinking about me.

I feel like an absolute horrible human being for what I’m going to do tomorrow. I also feel horrible and guilty for having all of this sorrow and pain about the situation.

My fiance and I have been struggling a lot lately - he lost his job back in May and since then he hasn't had luck with getting a new one because of a felony that happened in 2011.

He even applied to jobs where he will have no customer interaction (making furniture in a workshop) but they still do a 10-year federal background check.

Today I finally see the world for what it truly is.

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