Dating after breast cancer surgery proper dating tips

Chemotherapy for breast cancer also carries a risk of side effects — some temporary and mild, others more serious or permanent.

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Several chemotherapy drugs can affect nerve endings in your hands and feet, leading to numbness, pain, burning or tingling, sensitivity to cold or heat, or weakness in your extremities.

These side effects often go away after treatment is finished or within a year after completing chemotherapy. "Chemo brain," "chemo fog" and "chemo memory" are terms used to describe controversial and little-understood short-term memory and concentration problems that may occur after chemotherapy.

In some cases, chemotherapy can have long-term or permanent effects.

In the process of targeting fast-growing cancer cells, chemotherapy drugs can also damage other fast-growing healthy cells, such as those in the hair follicles, bone marrow and digestive tract.

Chemotherapy for breast cancer uses drugs to target and destroy breast cancer cells.

These drugs are usually given directly into a vein through a needle or as a pill.

Everyone involved is working toward the same goal — completion of treatment with the best possible outcome.

When it's over, you can feel as if you're alone, with no one to help you return to normal life or deal with fears of breast cancer recurrence.

Chemotherapy for breast cancer frequently is used in addition to other treatments, such as surgery, radiation or hormone therapy.

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