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There was a backlash and the band later apologized.

Claire Evans grew up as the daughter of a coder for Intel, and she never thought computers were strictly for boys.

But as an adult, she became disappointed to find the story of Silicon Valley thoroughly dominated by male characters.

Is letting your kids go online the same as dropping them off at the Vince Lombardi Rest Stop in fishnet stockings at 3 a.m.? But the towering fear that the second a kid goes online he or she becomes cyberjailbait turns out to be way off base.

My husband and I took our time letting our oldest boy, who is 13, start his social networking, though that was because we were worried it was like dropping him off at the Vince Lombardi Rest Stop to do his homework—we figured it would never get done.

According to new research, the danger online is teeny-tiny unless your kids are running into chat rooms, typing, “Anyone here like ‘em young?

” and posting photos of themselves licking lollipops. “The notion that predators are using the Internet as an L. Bean catalog, that’s not what’s happening,” says the study’s author.

Evans, who writes about technology for Vice’s Motherboard, spent two years digging up archives and tracking down subjects to add to the canon of internet pioneers.

Her writing was a welcome retreat from Evans’s other life as lead singer in an arty rock band with her partner, Jona Bechtolt.

More recently, Finkelhor turned his attention to the Internet predator, because that’s our newest boogeyman. While the number of arrests did indeed shoot up, from 1,152 to 3,744, the vast majority of the perps pulled in (3,100) were arrested for soliciting the increasing number of law-enforcement decoys—cops online pretending to be juveniles.

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