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You could hear the excitement buzzing around the room, it was the day before prom, the upperclassmen were ready for the day to finally come.

The noise simmered down as this unknown man comes on the stage, microphone in hand, dragging a chair behind him. Nobody had told us students what this assembly was for, so when the random stranger in front of us changed moods in an instant by sitting down in the chair and rolling up his pant leg, you could say we were all confused. It was a transtibial prosthesis, replacing the bottom half of his leg with an artificial one.

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The confusion levels in that room shot up like a rocket.

He stood up, wobbling at first, and introduced himself again.

In high school we had a speaker come to our school and present to all the juniors and seniors of Kettering Fairmont High School.

Kettering is a small town, not a whole lot to do, so it makes us close, the entire town knows each other.

Encouraging everyone to make the correct decision to not start that car.

The lives being saved because that vehicle doesn't leave its parking spot are precious.

As citizens granted the permission to operate motor vehicles we have the obligation to drive protecting ourselves as well as every other driver on the road.

Driving impaired does the opposite of fulfilling these legal and moral obligations.

Taylor D., Senior at the Del Norte High School The act of consuming alcohol is a personal choice.

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