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Hi, Appreciate that the O'Reilly book may well have the answer and will check it tonight.

However, I was kinda hoping for a short-cut on this. There are enough problems in your config files that I think you should start over.

The I'm willing to bet that the System Administrator running your Windows DHCP server is requiring secure Dynamic DNS updates.

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The only thing which isn't working is the DNS setup.

I have a BIND DNS server which is accessible from the server itself and is resolving custom DNS entries.

I'll go through the example files again and see what's different.

With regards to the SELinux error msg, it seemed it was having problems with /dev/random. Not sure if I got the errors msgs when it was not set-up for DDNS.

It will update its DNS responses using the name provided in the DHCP request.

YYY.24.0 netmask to provide the DHCP and DNS services.

In this article i will show you how to set-up DNS and DHCP server,and how to configure Dynamic DNS. This creates a confined space, with its own root directory, to run software programs.

The chroot is a process of creating a virtualized environment in Linux, separating it from operating system and directory structure.

Then in the use the DHCP RSAT tool to configure which credentials should be used to dynamically update DNS records.

Clients connecting to network receive the IP in the given range.

These can be added to DNS and will always be available.

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