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As social media users gushed their approval, media outlets rushed to identify her handsome new love interest.

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Earlier this week, R’n’B megastar Rihanna was photographed in a passionate cinch with an as-of-then unidentified man.

Predictably, huge interest greeted the publication of the photographs – following her doomed relationship with rapper and domestic abuser Chris Brown, Rihanna hasn’t gone public with any romance other than a short fling with musical collaborator Drake.

A Mexican painter and activist born in Mexico City in 1907, her work has been celebrated internationally as emblematic of Mexican national and indigenous traditions and by feminists for its honest depiction of female experience.

A Brazilian architect, born in Italy in 1914, she devoted her life to the promotion of the social and cultural potential of architecture and design.

She is also celebrated for her furniture and jewellery designs.

A Soviet scientist born into a poor Ukranian peasant family in 1911, she lost her vision and hearing at the age of five.

She declined an invitation to meet Adolf Hitler on political grounds, and after the conclusion of the Second World War, she trained as an architect and later worked as an academic in Turkey and Germany.

An English mathematician and writer born in 1815, she became the world’s first computer programmer.

Which is why the racist response to Jameel’s ethnic origin has been particularly painful to see.

As it became known that Jameel was a Saudi heartthrob, the backlash commenced.

Overcoming these difficulties in a remarkable way, she became a researcher in the field of communication and created a number of scientific works concerning the development of education of deaf-blind children. A South African singer and civil rights activist born in Johannesburg in 1932, she was forced to work as a child following her father’s death.

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