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Wait for someone who loves God enough that he’ll put God’s way above his own desires. Because let me tell you: Everything is going to sound good in that moment!

Talk about and choose your boundaries ahead of time. When James and I started dating, we began asking God, “How far is too far?

So today I want to share them with you in the hope that they can help you as well. I thought that was good enough, but when my willpower started slipping and I gradually decided I wanted to go farther, he was okay with that—as long as I was okay with that (which, eventually, I was). He wanted us to live rightly before God just as much (if not more) than I wanted to.

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They had to work through trust issues with each other, along with the guilt and shame from not following their convictions.

Then we spoke with couples somewhere in the middle: We learned from each of the couples, took these ideas home, and started praying and talking about them. Here’s the thing about physical relationships: They build. So after you’ve held hands for a few weeks (or a few days), you naturally want to turn up the heat a little bit.

Otherwise, if you’re just doing the same things for years and years, you’re going to feel rather frustrated! I think James and I started off more serious in our physical relationship than we were in our actual relationship.

Meaning, we were kissing more than we should have been in a new relationship.

Why did I seem to lose all willpower in the moment?

Each time, the constant sense of guilt and shame made me want to hide from God.

And your relationship with God will thank you for it. Think about these two options: When you’re sitting in a Starbucks surrounded by people and sunshine, are you tempted to throw yourself across the table and start making out? But when you’re snuggled up on the couch at night with all the lights off and you’re the only ones at home? But think about what Jesus said: If your hand causes you to sin, cut it off.

Now I’m not advocating cutting off our limbs, because otherwise we’d all be handless.

I’d gone too far physically, and I’d begun struggling with an eating disorder. My mistakes in that relationship are exactly what God has chosen to use in my life!

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