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He is a proud Southern California native and enjoys spending time outdoors whenever possible.Emad Mirgoli’s primary responsibility is overseeing and managing AWM’s daily operations and finance activities. Mirgoli’s duties include working with other AWM executives on a daily basis to ensure AWM meets the daily operational requirements, financial targets and contractual obligations with both customer and partner relationships. Mirgoli brings over twenty years of experience from the financial services arena and corporate management. Mirgoli was an active partner in a firm that specialized in investing in and restructuring defaulted land secured municipal bonds which included the ownership and management of large scale real estate projects throughout the United States.

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They have developed a strong working relationship during this time while working in the digital media, technology, and corporate financial services arenas.

Kurtis can be considered somewhat of a “generalist”, having served in a wide range of roles while overseeing and advising in the growth of several start-up and mid-sized companies.

AWM SMART SHELF Leadership has 50 years of combined industry experience that affords thoughtful leadership, retail expertise and ability to execute at scale.

For many years, AWM’s Leadership has pushed the envelope in development of facial recognition software, globally scalable content management software, and the optimization of large format video player programming and controllers.

NET as well as multiple Microsoft Windows technologies, and he graduated cum laude with a computer science degree from University of California, Santa Barbara with emphases in security and networking.

Greg has held multiple tech jobs including working over 10 years at a major digital agency in the Los Angeles area where was Director of Technology and Web Development.

Prior to AWM, she has held leadership roles at various organizations in Los Angeles and Orange County.

Kevin launched AWM utilizing AI and deep learning with the intent of making Smart Shelf the go-to retail platform for customer engagement and shopper behavior/store operations analytics.

Michael Beaudoin currently invests in private equities, including providing venture capital, to rapidly growing early stage companies for Mark IV Capital; located in Newport Beach, CA.

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