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Bachelor Nation is like fashion—the trend keeps coming back with a little remodeling.

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And by the looks of their Instagram posts, fans are convinced that Jason’s flipped decision was for the best, after all.

The Mesnicks are not completely out of the eyes of the media.

She accepted and they quickly proved just how real their love story is. The couple is celebrating their eight-year wedding anniversary today!

So how has this couple overcome the reality TV curse?

And while their love story may be a unique one, looking at their Instagram pages will remind fans that Jason and Molly are just an ordinary couple who love date nights and time with family.

Whether enjoying family vacations together or savoring movie night at home, everything is coming up roses for the Mesnick crew.

"The most famous person in Seattle is our weatherman so nobody's following people around." It's also a great place to raise the couple's two kids and follow their career goals.

Jason remains in real estate while Molly is co-host of the "Bender & Molly in The Morning" show on 106.1 KISS FM Seattle.

But their goal is to raise their kids like any other normal family.

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