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According to the BNM’s website, there are only 5 locations in Peninsular Malaysia (Penang, Johor Bahru, Kuala Trengganu, KL and Shah Alam) and two locations in East Malaysia (Kuching & Kota Kinabalu) for the public to print their CCRIS reports. Pay RM 9.90 using Jom PAY via your online banking - Biller Code: 39222 2.If an individual is located in Melaka or Ipoh, they would need to go to BNM’s HQ to print their reports. Send proof of payment to [email protected] email title - "Need unlock CCRIS e Guide" 3.Loans under special debt management schedules such as negotiated by AKPK will also fall under here.

Also, some banks default their system to classify a loan as due at different dates.

Some banks classify the installment due after 5 days, 7 days or on the due date itself, depending on bank policy.

You definitely don't want to be 'special' when it comes to CCRIS report. Generally, when a Bank conduct CCRIS check, they will have access to various credit reports such as: However, as a consumer requesting the credit report directly from BNM, a consumer will only be able to obtain the Summary Credit Report, as a reference to the total exposure and conduct of the account.

How does bank define loan repayment due which appears in CCRIS report?

Alternative way to do CCRIS check online the cheapest way without stepping out from your house or office - get your CCRIS report in 30 minutes even during non-office hours, weekends or public holidays. Wait for our email reply containing the password within 24 hours.

(for 1-click payment - you will get to unlock the e Guide instantly after payment - the unlocked e Guide will be sent to you via email so check your email inbox) Unfortunately, no.

Step 3: Print out and complete it If you want fast and convenient to do CCRIS check online without going to BNM - follow the instructions above.

*This is based on my own account of doing CCRIS check and getting report from Bank Negara Penang of Feb.

Information on rejected credit applications is not provided in credit reports in order to ensure that a financial institution will not be prejudiced by the decision of another financial institution.

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