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More Having a quality relationship with the kids after a divorce requires you to spend the time needed. Sometimes jobs or other circumstances can make staying close to the kids more difficult, but the sacrifice to stay close is worth in the stability and connection that the children need.

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Find out how other dads have made this joint custody situation a positive for all concerned.

More When you have to live away from the kids — maybe a military or employment assignment — relationships can be strained.

And often dads have a hard time making these payments, particularly when their employment or others circumstances change.

Find out what a dad needs to know about child support - how it is calculated, enforced and managed.

More Having a good parenting plan is essential for divorced fathers that are sharing custody with their children's mother.

Parenting plans help define the responsibility and relationship and create an excellent framework that can avoid conflicts later on.While this is true for some, the majority of single moms, the exact opposite is true.We are so consumed and focused on just getting by and handling the day to day responsibilities and tasks that there is no time to daydream or be needy.If they are anything like me, I am up at 4 or 5am to work out, get ready for work, get the kids ready for school and then work all day to then go home and make dinner, do homework, housework, and activities with the kids.On a good day my head doesn’t hit the pillow until 10pm, but on most days I am finally laying down to go to sleep around -12.Dating a Single mom is much different than dating someone without kids.

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