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But when we are entering scenes of recreation and pleasure we should be more than ever careful to put on our armor, and by previous meditation and prayer prepare ourselves for the inevitable temptation; and when it is all over, and the lights are down, we should quietly review our behavior under the light that streams from the Word of God.

If we then are made aware of frivolous or uncharitable words, of jealousy because others have outshone us, or of pride at the splendor of our dress and the brilliance of our talk, we must confess it, and obtain forgiveness and restoration.

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What a beautiful example is furnished by job to Christian parents!

When your girls are going among strangers, and your boys into the great ways of the world, and you are unable to impose your will upon them, as in the days of childhood, you can yet pray for them, casting over them the shield of intercession, with strong cryings and tears.

As the Lord went to the wedding feast, and accepted Simon’s invitation, so must we.

The sphere of our life lies necessarily in the world.

If you’ve put a sin behind you, put everything associated with that sin behind you as well.

If it’s pornography, don’t simply store your magazines out in the garage. If it’s alcohol, don’t leave a bottle in the house. If it’s gossip, cut your "grapevine." Don’t attend those functions that degenerate into gossip sessions.

A Family Man In her book Formations, Kay Shurden observes that a family is more than a collection of human beings related by blood. A family is a living, shaping, powerful unit that teaches us our most important lessons. But his first priority, after his personal relationship with God, was his family.

It teaches us who we are, how to act, whom we relate to and what is important in life. He rose "early in the morning" and brought his children before the Lord.

Through trust in Jesus Christ, we have been cleansed from sin.

Its guilt has been removed, and we are counted righteous in God's eyes./p We are born again, but does our conduct before other people indicate what our relationship is before God? "Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man" (Eccles. Job 1:6-12 Satan's Logic READ: Job 1:6-12 Satan answered the Lord and said, "Does Job fear God for nothing?

He demonstrated his love for his family not only by providing for their physical well-being but also by interceding for them at God’s throne of grace. The pressure to provide for the physical needs of our family is great.

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