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Bella watched her parents die, and the Cullens took her in. Join Edward as, once he finds out it's her, trys to win her back! She's the one that all ghosts go to when they need help to 'move on'.

But, Bella is a seven year old that knows too much. Carlisle gets a letter from his old friends, Albus, asking for assistance to protect Hogwarts against the evil Voldemort. What happens when our favourite vampires attend classes at Hogwarts? So what happens when she meets an exceedingly attractive ghost in her new home who, apparently, doesn't want her help? Another Edward turning human story, but it's different.

M for language, sexuality, and some underage drinking. Bella's on her period, and she doesn't want Edward to know, but he is making that surprisngly difficult. All the girls in East Coast Academy wanted one thing- the king, the playboy of the school, EDWARD CULLEN. Everyone says that Angel and Buffy are a modernday Romeo and Juliet. Yes, the old Snape retrieves Harry from the Dursleys formula. Everything changes, because the best revenge is living well. How will they overcome the pressure from work and family together? Can the love the share overcome the fear, and the pain? ”Don't hurt me…” — COTN SIDE-STORYBella has a bro Emmett. When Bellas 7 he & friends go hiking and are never seen again. Fluffy Humour100 yrs after breaking dawn,the Cullens returned to Forks. Bella is a famous actress going under the name Irene Smith. Teacher Edward begins a new year with the ever seductive Bella Swan.

After successfully getting the part, she meets the actor who will be playing her lover. Though, can their love just stay in the realm of acting? The flock goes to Forks and immediately strange things happen. It's been up before but I deleted it and now it's back again. Six year old Isabella Swan was orphaned after a car crash took her parents away, and Edward and the Cullens find her. What happens when a 13 year old girl with brown hair and chocolate brown eyes becomes one of his students? But, what happens when the Evolver targets the weak Slayer instead of Angel? Bella has been keeping a secret from Edward & evryone shes evr known. Bella, in an act of desperation, grabs the closest guy pretending he is her husband. Saying her final goodbyes to the world, she hopes to get some peace. What if when Edward sucked James venom out he left a little bit in Bella's blood. Sparks will fly and tension grows to new heights as danger looms... So they decide to give Edward a taste of his own medicine..a game of keep away..Bella as the prize. Let’s just say she gives someone a run for their money. WARNING This fanfiction includes Edward as a stripper, DETENTION, Jazz being eaten and Bella getting arrested...

Alice decides to keep her, and Edward tries to protect her. Can Buffy save herself from the Evolver or will it be too late? But something goes wrong and she ends up as a ghost. Suze is on vacation in England with Cee Cee and Adam when she finds her life being saved by ghosts. What if the effects of the transformation were only delayed? ON HIATUSBella was once blind, but after a cornea transplant, she is changed. How will she react with the numbers she sees above people's heads when she opens her eyes? Hilarity ensues when the Forks Gang is forced to endure Sex Education class with Coach Clapp. Jacob was able to heal Bella, and they are now engaged, seven years later.

After all, no one ever said what time the Prophecy had to be fulfilled in. Bella Swan has been traumatized by her own parents. What happens when she shows up at the Hyperion when James is chasing her? AH, OOCBella is the daughter of Aro, one of the Volturi and is bored to death if even possible for a vampire and lonely.

The Cullens are planning on moving to Forks Edward goes there first to check it out and smells an alluring scent. She can't trust anyone, she's exhiled herself completely. " "I don't really know..."Bella is new to Donnas University for the Talented, a school that only excepts the best. She has no interest in him, which makes Edward want her more. This story is also on Twisting the Hellmouth under the pen name Jedislayer. Rosalie Hale has a great life, but one night gets a little crazy. But that all changes when a desperate to die vampire named Edward comes along and takes her back to Forks with him.

Follow the twists and turns as Buffy & Angel, two neighbours who love to annoy each other, realise their friendship is something much stronger. After new moon COMPLETE REWRITE: Bella's life had always been a bit simple, that is until her move to Chicago where she finds a journal and begins to write in it. The problem: None of the guys want a girl on their team. (Kind of weird, read the summary in the a/n inside, it gets back to Bx E normal note passing after a few chapters, promise.)After being bullied by the Cullen's and Hale's for years Bella leaves and becomes a famous model. The same day he meets his new master's dauhter, Bella, and falls head over heels for her. B/EThe juniors are given a pen pal project for the summer. Now, 40 years later, Edward finds time to pop in and check up on Bella. Years later, after her husband dies, she returns to Forks with her daughter. But things don’t turn out the way they all want, and Bella ends up at college 65 years later. No, my dads is a vampire, and his name is Edward Cullen... Banner’s Biology class takes a trip to the local Plant and Animal Exploratorium. ALL HUMAN normal couplesit has been 100 years since edward left bella victoria changed her she is now Raven lead singer of Toxic Rave the #1 band on the charts when they move back to forks to discover the cullens there will bella reveal herself to them? What happens when someone ‘cough’ Alice and Emmett ’cough’ wants to play the dreaded Truth or Dare? When Edward leaves in New Moon Bella commits suicide because she no longer has to care for Charlie and Jacob. Twilight/Harry Potter An insecure Bella meets Edward Cullen in an online chat room.

Only to find that it's a way to communicate with the dead boy of her dreams, Edward Masen. One day in gym class, Forks High learns that Bella Swan can kick. But now shes back, what will the group think of what they think is the new girl and what will Edward think of her payback. In high school Bella was a tomboy, played sports all the time, and hung out with Emmett, Jasper, and Edward. Who is this mysterious "Insane of Mind" Bella keeps writing to? his fiance moves into the Swan Residence with her 18 year old son. But, what happens when a storm blows in without notice and leaves the whole class stuck... Bella is an amazing dancer, and gets spotted at a competition; she gets invited to a camp help in New York. Everyone thinks Bella is gone forever but is she really? Sparks fly, but when he wants to meet her, she pretends to be someone else.

A couple months shy of her eighteenth birthday, she learns her parents made a deal with the king of England. Geeky Edward thinks he has absolutely no shot with the popular, beautiful Bella. Edward's family hire Bella Swan to break the heartbreaker's heart in hopes to have him see the error of his womanizing ways. Basic outline is Edward dumps Bella because he becomes a player. May contain spoilers if u havnt read breaking dawn. SEQUEL UPI jumped on the man that tried to take my daughter.

Now she's forced to move there and to meet the prince, Edward Cullen. Is he right, or will she be one of the many girls who thinks geeks make for better lovers? But she falls hard, too, at the risk of breaking her own heart when the truth is revealed. As Bella and Edward continue pursuing their careers, they find life isn't as easy as they thought it would be. First kiss at five, ”I love you” at six — and a terrible tragedy before they'd even begun high school. Bella and her friends plan to get revenge on Edward..

If you simply must criticise me in some way, feel free to do so on the works on my new account, candycity, which will probably give you a better idea of my writing standard now. 77 years later she gets back to Forks only to find a mysterious person laying flowers on her grave. She soon wakes up to the realization that her gift is also her curse. 5 years later with both of them attending Harvard in the fall will Bella find it in her heart to forgive him, or will it be heartbreak all over again? Is this the end of her fairy tale or the beginning of a new adventure Bella and Edward were best friends... Now 6 years later he is back and they HATE each other. AH Now on Hiatus When a mysterious "accident" turns Bella into a kid -- how will the Cullens adjust.. Bella's not your average popular beauty & Edward isn't your average foster child. But faith seems to have it's own plans for her and one is to meet The rich playboy, Edward Cullen. What they didn't expect, however, was that another coven was living there, too. She's sassy and smart and sees him as an egotistical player. What if Edward was with someone when they met again? Edward never came back after New Moon, Bella was left cold and empty. Bella went to Florida to live with her mom instead of rebelling after Edward left in New Moon. Bella Swan and Edward Cullen are a famous hollywood couple. First fanfic Bella moves to beverly hills with her "new family" Father, Stepmother, and step sibling , only to find out she can't trust them. An experiment in novice mind reading leaves Alice more inside his head than she'd ever possibly wanted to be.

Or you could take a look at my AO3 account, where i'm listed under ilydaa. High school classmates Bella, Edward, Mike, and Tyler are invited to a basketball clinic in Seattle for 2 weeks. Between truth or dare, streaking, jealousy, and a growing attraction between Edward and Bella ... For, she is the incarnation of an pre-historic priestess who was murdered. Its Edwards birthday and his family and Bella decide to surprise him with a present. Just because Nearly-Headless-Nick doesn’t know what happens on ‘the other side’ doesn’t mean that we don’t. Story of love, family values, and hardship in life. I looked down at the flimsy piece of paper in my hands. There was absolutely no way I would ever go to such a thing. James and Sirius 'accidentally' set Snape on fire, so they have been put in counseling! she has no idea what she's in for, how can you counsel a Marauder? Bella was changed and is now in a gothic band called 'Sacrifice of Life' but will Edward notice he drastic change in character? The Cullen's convince Edward to come back and he becomes a teacher. Edward and Bella need a break from all the hollywood madness so they get disguises and try to blend in at forks high. Soon she becomes lonely and has to resort to one person she can trust that will never let her down..huma What do Lauren and Jess have to say about Bella and Edward's sudden engagement? Too bad she didn't see THAT coming...25 years after breaking dawn-- Forks high has a reunion.. " I exclaimed.-- R&RBella has many different passions. For each of these she has a different name, Isabella, Issy, Is and Isa. E/B A/J Em/R Jake/OC Slight OOCWhen Alice foresees Edward cheating on Bella, problems ensue. Watch the stupid/ funny/ strange/ retarded/ and crazy things they do.

Anyways, this account with all its cringe-worthy writing will no longer be in use. better than it sounds A young woman is abducted by Bad Bloods and sold into slavery. When he is forced into going to an appointment for a modeling agency, Bella comes along and is mistaken as a model. AU/AHSuze and Jesse are married, but what happens when the ghost of Jamie de Silvia, Jesse's cousin becomes an unexpected guest who has fallen in love with Suze. Edward-Bella Alice-Jasper Rosalie-Emmett -All Human- PLL and Twilight Crossover Edward and Bella were always good friends. 5 years later he comes back to a completely different Bella. But, what happens when Jesse De Silva enters her life? Ex B; Jx A; Emx RAlice, Rose, and Bella have a bet, who can date the most guys in a month? Writing about myself so I can find a guy who'll date me. Can Bella keep her friend safe from the big bad secret? The Volturi are dying from a mysterious disease that effect all magical creatures, and the Cullens are being infected. James Sirius Potter is tired of dealing with the love-lives of his siblings and cousins. Bella goes to NY, To see if her singing can get her somewhere. -- “How could you tell ther that you don’t love her? “She tried to kill herself because of you.”Bella is a leader of a coven of special vampires called the Rare Ones. After her mother's death, they discover the mysterious secrets in Rowena's past and a horrific truth;she's both human AND vampire,existing in one soul and her sister Alyssa. What if Bella was not the clumsy human when she moved to Forks? It starts out fun, until the Cullens begin to take it a little too seriously... Bella gets accepted into a summer music program where she meets the Cullens and the Hales. One day when Bella is over at the Cullen’s house they get to talking about some of their most embarrassing moments. Will Bella keep her pretty little things hidden in the dark?

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