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Nigeria was in control of white people at that time and the country was less busy especially in Lagos.

Ecological and political instability provided the background for the jihad of Usman dan Fodio.

The military rivalries of the Hausa states strained the regions economic resources at a time when drought and famine undermined farmers and herders.

Some were able to work iron which helped with tool and weapon making.

They also showed a vast advancement in cultural expression which was rare for civilizations in the area around that time.

Morocco was unable to control the empire and the various provinces, including the Hausa states, became independent.

The collapse undermined Songhai's hegemony over the Hausa states and abruptly altered the course of regional people Kanem-Bornu reached its apogee under mai Idris Aluma (ca.

1569-1600) during whose reign Kanem was reconquered.

The destruction of Songhai left Borno uncontested and until the 18th century Borno dominated northern Nigeria.

These kingdoms developed in the context of the trans-Saharan slave trade, but they peaked in power in the late 18th century, thriving on the Atlantic slave trade due to the great demand for slaves by the European colonies.

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